We are going to upload plenty of simple Mantras and slokas with Pronunciation (audio) to help every one to recite the japa.

This is an initiative of Swayamvarparvathi Seva Service.

What is Mantra?

Mantra is two Sanskrit word – “Man – to think and Tra – tool). So Mantra is a tool to make our mind positive.

Mantra is actually an exercise to tune our mind positive. 45 minutes walking is good for our health and 20 minutes Japa (prayers) good for our mind.

So, No fear about mantras. Remove all your fear about Mantras, Gods, rituals etc. You can do it yourself. Chanting mantra japa is very easy and simple. Hinduism is so flexible that any good things in the name of God (arpanam) will be accepted equally irrespective of the size, value, creed, caste, community, custom, character, age etc (Sarvam Krishnarpanam, Sakalam Krisnarpanam)

Swayamvaraparvathi being started to encourage and motive all human being to perform japa and recite mantras without any fear.

Please keep it in mind: Hindu God and Goddess are magnanimous as our mother. When a new born cry in any sound, mother understands the meaning of the cry and gives milk or water as per it needs. Just like mother, Gods also can understand our cry with the sound of mantra and gives us what we want.

If God helps only those who knows veda and pronounce mantras perfectly, then how can a deaf and dumb, an illiterate (Eg. kalidasa) pray? How Valmiki (a highway robber) able to write Ramayana? So dont worry about unknown slokas. Learn any simple japa mantra as per your need (Marriage, Health, Education etc) and practice it as prescribed (count, time, days)

It is not correct that god can understand only the words of learned pandits and purohits or saints etc. God always and only see the love, affection, sincerity, confidence and the dedication of the devotee than the skills, knowledge and the talent of the person.

  • We recommend to chant simple mantra Japas as Japa is
  • Easier to Memorise (one or two word or sentences),
  • Easier to perform (Japa can be performed anytime, anywhere and without any things. Not even flowers).
  • It doesn’t require any systematic procedure, Agamas, Sutras, Niyatis etc.

Slokas, Stothras, Vedas, Bhajans, Songs etc requires teacher, method, memorise, need to be practised in a particular place (like temple, pooja rooms etc).

Japas are very powerful, result oriented and excellent way of enjoying the vibration of powerful Mantras.

This Swayamvaraparvathi Initiative is to motivate all human being irrespective of Caste, Creed, Sex, etc. to chant Mantra Japa without fear of God, pronounciation or any rituals and procedures as God needs only True LOVE and Pure BHAKTHI.


25 thoughts on “Mantra”

  1. Please help me I pray to lord Ganesh Luxhmi and recite the Gayathri Mantre almost every day on my behalf of my daughter son-in-law and two grand children for the betterment of their future. my daughter is not being treated well at her work place and she is very unhappy ,she loves her job
    she works very hard,she and i light the lamps.and are doing poojas and ohm shantis for bad times but we dont see any results.please As a mother i am asking for help what more can i do.

  2. I am facing problems in every step and I can’t fulfill my dreams. I want good government job. Before I want to became cricket player but it couldn’t happen

  3. Sir, I found this website in youtube, I have 45 of age, still not able to study in life, lakh of rupees lost in business,and also above 50 lakhs as credit. So, I need to overcome this financial crisis. Whatever work I take it is going in negative direction not for me all to my my family memebers. And also want a male baby, how to conceive male baby by your mantras chanting.

    1. Sir/Madam
      I am unhappy with my job. Since it is a christian institute I dont know what to do. In each side only christian staffs are getting benefits and gifts or praise. They are try to avoid me utilising my hard work only. Treating me as a slave by the boss. Insulting me with orders. I need to know and chant any mantras to get a good job. It is a good institution, paying a desired salary but when they come to know that I am Hindu and vegetarian that day onwards i am hurted.

  4. Sir,

    I given the lot of money(in thousands) for my colleges when there in troubles, i helped them by financially. I given money with out interest.But it is not Dhanam. Know am in financially in trouble and lot the job. am asking them and calling them, but they are NOT LIFTING MY CALLS AND NO REPLY.
    So i want to get back money. plz suggest me some mantras to recover my money back plz!!!!!!!!!!!. I look forward your answer.

  5. I am Vinod from Hyderabad, Telangana State, myself nd my family are in very much worst situation . one couple ( wife n husband ) mainly lady along with her Mother Brother and few friends cheated us taking money by keeping our Property Documents and also we have givn them money taking from others . now these people are teling we didnt took anything do as you like go to hell like that . My Mother died 2 months back by worrying about this . i request you to kindly give me such MANTRA so that they will pay my Money back and i can get back my Property Money and evrything . please kindly help me in this . please help me i will be very much thankful to you

  6. pls reply,
    i am doing the mantra chanter manufacturing work at home since my student life(2000 -till date)
    but personally we r all faimily members r facing the problems each n every step in life . what can we do for it pls. give us ur valuable suggestion !

    hare krishna

      1. First you must have absolute faith in Mantras.Go to your family pay respects to him.He will guide you. You must have absolute faith in your Guru.(He may/ may not be a big scholar)He will guide you to better future.

        Do good services to you family deity.Swadharma is the best one to achieve your good ,honest deeds.

        There are three things you have to follow.Think only good things.The mind is a monkey.If you control it will act like Hanuman .If you don’t control it will act like Vali.It is your choice to decide whether you want to become vasli or Hanuman.
        For women I would like to tell this.
        All Rakshasis are in our mind.You can be either Thirijata or other Rakshasis in the kingdom of Ravana-Lanka.You have to do what you think.Speak truth nothing but truth.But there are situations where you have to follow silence.praying God.
        There are two things in this world.One is ordinary Dharma and other is Visesha Dharma.In extraordinary situations you have follow vishesha Dharma.
        You can understand this by following the reading of Ramayana and Maha Bharatha.
        If you read Sundarakanda of Valmiki Ramayana or any other Ramayana you will understand that our sufferings are nothing before the sufferings,of Kousalya, Dasaratha,Sumithra (kaikeyi because of her fault)Rama ,Sita,Lakshmana,Bharatha,Satrukuna and their wives and of course Ayodhya vasis until Rama’s return from the Forest after long 14 years.

        If you take this attitude in your life , you can face all situations bravely and intelligently and be ever happy. This is my experience.Don’t bother too much about your health.Now a days i see even for small ailments people go to Doctors.Food act as is medicine for our most simple ailments.

  7. Hello I would like a mantra to manifest a partner I been single for almost 3 years and so far I haven’t dated anyone, no one shows on my path please help

    1. If you are male you may chant Patnim manoramam dehi manovrittnusarini tarini durga sansaratsagarasya kulodbhawan. This mantra is from Durga saptashati.

  8. Ayya Vanakkam

    I am Arasu last 3 years i dont have job,before that i was working in Software industry suddenly i lost job and still searching not getting job.

    Please kindly tell me which mantra i need to chant for getting job.

  9. After facing lot of difficulties i had got married now with 8yrs son & 1.6month girl working a small company husband suffering with kidney final stage.

  10. Sir i loved a person …we both cannot live with eachother,..but my parents are not accepting for our marriage…please help me with some mantra or puja to get married …

  11. main sushant yellam paise aur family anhoni ho rahi hain jis ke chalte mera pura tention main chala jata hain and saare logo ki tention ek saath aa jati hain pura tention dur karne ke liye koi mantra or sholak hain kya aur paiso ke related tangi a rahi woh bhi
    pls help kar do

  12. I suffering from love from. I Have partner but from some days he do not interested to talk to me. I love my cousin sister more than my life. But some misunderstanding had create 5 months before. And they thought I am wrong person. They do not want to talk me any more. What should I do? I love my partner very much. I can’t live without him.. please help me.

  13. hello,
    want to get back my lover with lots of love, i want him to realise that he did wrong with me, when he promised and committed to me get marry he must fulfil it, we had three years relationship, i want he must leave all things and came back to me with marriage determination with me. please help me

  14. my name is preethivinod now my husband is a policestation(kuwait), one and half month over he is in there every day i prayer for all god (krishna , devi, hanuman ect) my money toomuch lost about release him (500kd one lower 600kd vastha)i want my huband in release policestion with out any case agaian iam goimg to loyer pls help god he is a very good husband somebody cheating

  15. Dear sir,
    My brother is 35 he is facing lot of obstacles in life related to job and marriage. I am his sister. Can i take sankalpam and do the swayamwaraparvathi japa for him? I am married and my gothram has changed. You had mentioned about any relative can help the person by doing this japa. Can i go ahead and do it. Also i would like to know where will i get the pendent for sankalpam and prayer?

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