The octet on Vishnu
By Lord YamaTranslated by P.R,Ramachander This prayer was composed by Lord Yama addressing Lord Jaganaatha of Puri. Lord Yama finds that whoever visits Puri are not coming to his world after death, After this prayer that Lord tells him that not all people would be able to see Jagannatha and only those good people who have the luck to see him would come to Vaikunta directly.)

Yama Uvacha:- Yama said:-

1.Namasthe Bhagawan deva loka nadha Jagat pathe,
Ksheerodha vasinam devam sesha bhoganu sayinam.

Salutations to God who is the lord of land of devas and Lord of the universe,
Who is the god who lives on the ocean of milk , sleeping on the snake called Aadhisesha.

2.Varam varenyam varadam kartharam akrutham prabhum,
Visweswaram ajam Vishnum sarrvagnam aparajitham.

Chosen one , he who is fit to be chosen , one who blesses, one who does, Lord who need not do ,
Lord of the world, one who is not born , Vishnu , the know all and one who is never defeated.

3.Neelothpala dala shyamam, pundareeka nibhekshanam,
Sarrvagnam, nirgunam, santham , jagad dhataram avyayam

One who is black like the leaves of blue lotus , He who is as pretty as lotus flower,
He who is an expert in everything , he who is devoid of properties , he who is peaceful ,
He who looks after the world, He who is imperishable.

4.Sarva loka vidhatharam , sarva loka sukhavaham,
Puranam, purusham vedhyam thyakthavayaktha sanathanam.

He who cares for all the world , he who gives pleasures to all the world,
Primeval , he who is Purusha , He who should is studied by Vedas,
He who is clear as well as not colour and one who does not have beginning.

5.Paravaraanam srushtaaram , loka nadham, jagad gurum,
Srivathsoraska samyuktham , vana mala vibhushitham.

He who creates ancestors and descendents , lord of the world , teacher of the world,
He who has the mole called Srivathsa , he who decorates himself by forest garland.

6.Peethavasthram, chathurbahum, Sankha chakra gadhadharam,
Hara keyura samyuktham, mukutangadha dharinam.

He who wears yellow cloth , he who has four hands , he who holds conch, mace and wheel,
He who wears crown as well as garland , he who wears crown and bracelets.

7.Sarva lakshana sampoornam , sarvendriya vivvarjitham,
Kootastham, achalam , sookshmam, jyothiroopam, sanathanam.

He who has all good attributes , he who has won over all sense organs ,
He who does not change , he who does not move , he who is very minute ,
He who has the form of a flame, He who does not have any beginning .

8.Bhavabhava vinirmuktham , vyapinam prakruthe param,
Namasyami Jagannadham easwaram sukhadham prabhum.

He who is free from places , He who is divine and spread as it is his nature,
I salute that Jagannadha , who is God , He who is the lord giving pleasures.

Sri Brahme maha purane sri yama krutha Vaishnavashtakam sampoornam

The octet on Vishnu composed by Lord Yama which occurs in Brahma Maha Purana comes to an end.










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